Blogging Fact 101 – What Is a Blog?

The blog? What can be done with it? Can it really make money?

What is a Blog? That is a very open-ended question. Blogs have been around for more than 10 years. Having started as logs kept on the web – some were nothing more than diary’s kept on the web I remember my kids back in 2003 keeping logs of what was happening in their lives on the web so they could be tracked and followed. These online diaries were great ways to share information over long distances or even across the street.

What can be done with a Blog? There are many types of blogs and many types of blogging can be accomplished with them this is one of the blogging facts. Let’s look at the main two:

The diary: A personal blog also known as social media – shares information about a person. By basic definition the social media blogs Facebook and Twitter as well as numerous other sites are personal blogs although they are moving in a commercial/business direction as well.

Marketing logs: A blog used to share information to market a corporation, music, business opportunities, or clubs. These can also be present on social media blogs, but are most often setup as a blog site with a site name that refers back to whatever is being marketed.