Branding 101: The Expert Authority Benefits of a Personal Blog

Full disclosure; I’m bad at blogging OMG Blog. It’s not that I struggle with the technical aspects of optimizing one, or placing opt-in forms in the proper place or even with writing content. I’m good at all of that. It’s just that I’m a tinkerer and perfectionist by nature; any of my college professors can tell you that I am fully capable of finding fifty things wrong with a paper that they gave a perfect grade. However, that is quite enough about the trials of being me.

If you intend to gain any type of traction and be taken seriously as an Internet marketer, you need to start and maintain a blog. There’s simply no getting around that fact. Blogs, you see, are the perfect venue for building a long-term following and driving traffic to your money sites. They are naturally built to engage in a torrid love affair with search engine bots, and if you take good care of your blog, it will take good care of you.

I cannot stress the following point enough: when trying to build a following, you must remember that people follow people, not products or companies. Everyone that you are promoting too is promoting something, and 97% of them are failing at it, and failing rather spectacularly. They will follow anyone that they believe will lead them where they want to go, and this is where you and your blog come in.