Engage Readers By Using Your Natural Blogging Voice

When I first started blogging, I floundered https://sitessurf.com/. I was tentative, indecisive, and not sure of what to blog about or how to say it.

Looking back, I’m the first to admit that my posts were stilted, dry and not very interesting. Three years of experience and learning from my own mistakes has taught me a very important lesson. One’s own personal voice and tone are much more attractive to readers.

On one occasion in the beginning, I sent in a post for review as a possible contributor to a website and soon received a rejection email stating that my post was too conversational. They wished to be more formal, following more formal grammatical, spelling, and writing conventions. This was the turning point for me, where I had to evaluate my writing and decide what worked best for me and my blogs. I decided I preferred the informal, conversational voice as it was friendlier, more welcoming, more light and humorous. Although my voice does change between my three blogs, in general, they can all be classified as using a conversational tone.

My genealogy blog contains human interest posts on the topics of history and genealogy, and I am more careful of the rules of writing. However, transcription of old documents requires that one overlook errors as the rule of thumb is to not change anything, transcribing the text exactly as written or heard in the interest of accuracy.