Fitness – How To Train Your Legs Effectively With Chronic Back Injuries

If you are determined to live the fitness lifestyle but are dealing with a chronic lower back injury you likely have trouble training your legs with the traditional gym exercises. Using weightlifting exercises such as squats or weighted lunges just aren’t possible because of the spinal loading Phentermine Substitute Over The Counter. But if you want to be really fit you need to train your legs. So what can you do?

As always, make sure you not are currently rehabilitating an injury, and as in all these chronic injury situations, check with your physician prior to beginning any new fitness routine How to take Phentermine. If you have the thumbs up to workout, here are a few exercise suggestions to get your legs working.

Body-Weight-Only Lunges: Just because you can’t strap a barbell across your shoulders doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout from body weight exercises. High repetitions are a great way to challenge your strength and burn fat. Do repetitions of 12 to 25 and you’ll see yourself getting stronger and leaner. Lunges should be a staple of any of your fitness workout plans Best Place to Buy Phentermine.